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New Member Quiz thingy

Name: Mandy
Age: 17 1/2
Gender: Female
Location:New Hampshire, USA
Favorite saint: Joan of Arc
Favorite music genre: Contempoarary Christian, praise and worship, oldies, holiday music.
Favorite color: RED- Holy Spirit!
Favorite movie: Joan Of Arc
How many times a week/month do you think you'll be able to answer emails?: i check all my e mails every day and answer to any i recieve.
Brief bio/interests: writing a book on cemeteries funeral homes and catholic churches of my area, am a lector and eucharstic minister at my parish, also sing at both parishes i belong to, belong to a charasmatic prayer group, love praising our one true savior.
What you want in penpal(age, interests, gender etc.): someone who has some what the same interests, don't care how old or what gender, people who do music ministry would be cool to talk with, to compare songs and styles, people who are also active in their parishes too.
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newbie :)

Name: Kelly
Age: 17 (18 in september)
Gender: female
Email: or
Location: NC...ohio in august :)
Favorite saint: St.Therese the Little Flower
Favorite music genre: indie rock
Favorite color: green
Favorite movie: 10 things i hate about you, robin hood prince of thieves, grumpier old men
How many times a week/month do you think you'll be able to answer emails?: i check my email about 50 times a day haha
Brief bio/interests: Well, I'll be a freshman at Franciscan University of Steubenville this fall. I'm majoring in Catechetics (Youth Ministry), Theology, and minoring in English (Writing). I'm really big into music, I love writing, and I'm big on reading too when I have time. I love being goofy and spontaneous, just love having fun. I will talk to you about just about anything.
What you want in penpal(age, interests, gender etc.): i would like someone around my age, and i don't care what gender. i just want someone i can talk about catholicism with.

Finally done!

Yep, i finally finished it :o) It's called WHEN WE PRAY (bb luv ev)
It's basically how i've felt the past few months not being able to get any of my thoughts down on paper the way i used to....and it's still rather difficult to get back into the swing of things...but, i finally finished the can view it at my website:
It should be the first song listed :o)
On an even lighter note: i can't wait for world youth day! weehee!
we have bgeun gathering at thursday masses to start preparing our hearts nad minds for the trip...i'm getting so excited! oh, and i just found out that i have to lector and EM at our baccalaureate, so pray for me! :o)
such excitement!
anyhoo...that should be all for now...toodles! *waves*
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I'm New Around Here.

Name: Michael
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Location: Canada
Favorite saint: Saint Michael the Archangel
Favorite music genre: Heavy Metal (But not screaming or vulgar)
Favorite color: Green
Favorite movie: Lord of the Rings
How many times a week/month do you think you'll be able to answer emails?: I check my emails almost daily, and any I have to respond to I do so almost immediately.
Brief bio/interests: Well I'm currently taking steps to get into teaching, though I've still got many a year to go. I'm also considering a religious vocation, I'm unsure of what I'm called to at the moment. I'm quite diverse in my musical taste, really anything except country and rap. I'm also interested in learning the piano. Something that I couldn't live without is novels. Right now I'm reading 'The Power And The Glory' and am enjoying every last word written down. Though I'm new to the Catholic Church, I'm very orthodox and accept all the teachings of the Church. Right now I'm studying my Bible as beginning steps to becoming a better Apologist.
What you want in penpal(age, interests, gender etc.): I mind not what age, interests, gender, etc. of my penpal. I wouldn't mind just talking to anyone really, but I'm really looking for someone who has a love for the faith. Right now my friends are all non-Catholic, so I'm looking to open discussion with a fellow Catholic. I'm sure that any who has non-Catholic friends can empathise with me when discussing faith or morals in any form. Anyhow, I look forward to hearing from you all.
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fall out boy

Newbie here! :)

Name: Traci
Age: 21
Gender: F
Location: Flagstaff, AZ
Favorite saint: St. Cecelia
Favorite music genre: pretty much everything (except rap & country)
Favorite color: blue
Favorite movie: Harry Potter movies
How many times a week/month do you think you'll be able to answer emails?: I check my e-mail almost everyday
Brief bio/interests: I am a sophomore at NAU in Flagstaff and currently studying music right now, but changing my major to elementary education with a music emphasis. I also love choir! I am in choir at school and at church. I have been singing for a long time now. I think that’s pretty much it for by little bio and interests…just ask me if you want to know anything else!
What you want in penpal(age, interests, gender etc.):Gender doesn’t really matter, but maybe people more around my age.

Penpal Wanted!

Name: Emily Besch
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Location: Dearborn, MI, USA
Favorite saint: St. Therese the Little Flower :)
Favorite music genre: soft rock or classical
Favorite color: pink or white
Favorite movie: currently I'd say "Big Fish"
How many times a week/month do you think you'll be able to answer emails?: At least a good once a week unless my computer goes kaputt. (which is unlikely, hehe) Hopefully even more frequently.
Brief bio/interests: I am a huge music buff... I play the flute and some piccolo in the symphonic band in my high school, and I was in the marching band on the flute except that this fall was my last season because I'm graduating, but in college I plan to do the same. I'll be enrolled in the fall at Eastern Michigan University. :) I also love to sing, I'm an alto and do quite well with it. I love to write stories and poetry and even topical essays sometimes when I feel the need to express my opinion and I'm very involved in my faith. I believe in the morals that are taught by the church. I think that's about it for the basics. :)

What you want in penpal(age, interests, gender etc.): I would be happy with either gender but I would prefer male. Not because I'm necessarily looking for a match, I'm currently dating someone, but I would like to find a boy out there I can to about my faith. I don't meet enough guys interested in the faith. My current boyfriend is as secular as you can get and often frustrates me with his philosophies. He's very liberal. I'd like to find someone I can also just develop a good friendship with so I can share my faith and my personality. Interests, basically anything unless it's something immoral or bad but I doubt I'll have to worry about that here. As far as age: anything from 16-20 would be okay, since my age is basically right in the middle of that (I'll be 18 in less than half a year).

(no subject)

Name:(if you don't want your name known, put your LJ name)
Age: 17 (18 in June)
Gender: Female
Location:(Country only is fine..) Arizona
Favorite saint: Saint Monica :o)
Favorite music genre: Anything Christian
Favorite color: White or Black
Favorite movie: Don't really have one at the moment
How many times a week/month do you think you'll be able to answer emails?: Daily
Brief bio/interests: Writing song lyrics, reading, jogging, church activities
What you want in penpal(age, interests, gender etc.): someone close to my age perhaps

(no subject)

Age: 18
Gender: female
Location: currently Rhode Island but in august it'll be Ohio!
Favorite saint: Joan of Arc, John the Beloved Apostle, and John the Baptist
Favorite music genre: everything (minus extremely twangy country and rap)
Favorite color: blue or green
Favorite movie: life of david gale, the passion and a lot more. i love movies.
How many times a week/month do you think you'll be able to answer emails?: er daily.
Brief bio/interests: i love photography, music, writing and my religion.
What you want in penpal(age, interests, gender etc.): anyone around my age :D
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